Maria, I want to extend my gratitude by saying thank you for the time you spent as my coach. Your commitment and willingness to address my concerns were always met in an utmost professional manner.
In my endeavors to pursue a career as an entrepreneur in business, your support encouraged me to have a greater appreciation for the small accomplishments, to value myself as the most important asset of my business, and take time to plan. These are just a few things we have covered during our sessions.
Not presented with such an opportunity to work with you, I do not think I would have known what a Kanban board was and how to make it work effectively for completing business goals.
I have a totally different mindset towards entrepreneurship now. I know the importance of using my resources; the people who can assist me in completing tasks, planning using the Kanban approach, and being accountable for the goals I have set.
Maria our sessions were successful because of the respect we have grown to have for each other. You were great at listening, sharing feedbacks and showing accountability. The little steps we took together made a great impact on my journey towards becoming a business woman. Thank you again for being an extraordinaire coach.



February, 2020

Coming into 2019 and following some significant personal and professional changes I found myself looking for the guidance of a wise and experienced executive coach to help me find a way to achieve my historical level of performance while balancing new expectations at home and at work. 


Having done my dissertation on executive coaching, been coached previously, being certified as a coach myself, and having recommended and overseen coaching with others, I made a point to ensure I was working with the right person for this particular engagement. After reconnecting with Maria and seeing her style in action briefly I knew she was a coach who could work effectively with me to meet my goals. Maria and I ultimately decided on a brief (4 months) engagement with an intense (twice a month for 90 minutes) cadence in our work together and this time together proved to be extraordinary valuable to my development. Over this period Maria and I honed our work on 6 specific themes that emerged from feedback I received: 1) slowing down, getting more input first, 2) building stronger relationships, 3) communicating more frequently, soliciting feedback more often & really listening to others, 4) showing more emotion/not hiding my emotions from others, 5)  getting the basics right and effectively juggling better (responsiveness), and 6) empowering my team and others. 


As a coach I found Maria to be incisive, challenging me in the best way to figure out what I wanted. Maria was not afraid to push me to really develop solutions for the challenges that I faced. Maria is honest and not afraid to ask tough questions – the kind that make you pause, really go deep inside, and get clarity to determine exactly what the barrier or the issue really is. 


I also found my work with Maria to be intellectually demanding and stimulating. As someone who enjoys cycling and running (most of the time) I know what it feels like for my body to be physically exhausted from working hard. I would often leave my sessions with Maria feeling similar to the way I felt after a particularly intense workout, as if I’d really put my mind to work strenuously and always, always with many new thoughts and ideas for ways to solve my biggest challenges. 


Lastly and perhaps most importantly I found working with Maria to be a true partnership. Maria showed genuine concern for my progress and wellbeing and Maria is a person for whom I felt very comfortable sharing the very intimate details of my biggest challenges with. I also had absolute confidence in Maria as a coach and complete faith in knowing that the details of our sessions stayed between us. In true partnership fashion Maria asked a lot of me and gave a lot back in return and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her and would recommend her without reservation to anyone looking to do the very life changing work of coaching. 

Christopher P.

Non-Profit HR Executive

 December, 2019

Maria is an engaging and supportive coach with a warm, positive and professional personality and a structured client-focused coaching style. She kept me very focused on what I wanted to accomplish in each coaching session. She listened really well, reflected back what had been said and focused on the main issues to facilitate goal setting and action plans. Being coached by Maria helped me with balancing my various short-term goals against one another. I gained much more clarity, and was able to focus and prioritize and create several concrete action steps for the coming months.

I very much enjoyed our coaching. Thank you, Maria

Architect, UK

 November, 2019

Maria's coaching style is very warm and empathetic which makes me feel safe and respected during sessions. Maria was congruent and genuine toward our relationship during our sessions which supported and encouraged me to look into my real desire and dream fully. Thanks to Maria, I discovered what I was truly looking for and how I could combine with other elements in my life plan during our sessions and have finally decided to come over to New York for developing my coaching business globally.


President of Coaching School


 June, 2019

 In today's fast-paced world, it's sometimes quite difficult to respond to all its challenges without expending a great amount of time, money, physical and mental sources. Through our work with Maria, I've started achieving more complex goals in my professional and personal life with less effort. I do appreciate Maria's talent and look forward to our further partnering.


Top Legal Executive

 May, 2019

 When we are working with Maria, we progressively move toward to my intended goals. To my surprise and delight I found myself gaining new insights and pushing the boundaries of what I had thought possible. I've created my own value system that has formed the foundation for everything in my life. We have been working with Maria for just three months and already accomplished so much. I've completed a draft of my doctoral dissertation having previously struggled with it for five years, received a number of attractive job offers and landed my dream one, and even given up smoking!


Director of the Department of Otolaryngology

 April, 2019

 Maria was able to facilitate my personal and professional growth skillfully showing me my true calling and strengths and giving tools to work with them to achieve my goals. Maria’s coaching helped me to see my strengths more clearly and shift the focus in the right direction.



December, 2018

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