Maria Dvurechenskaya, 
Executive coach, MBA, PMP
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Personal Executive Coaching

Leaders may be born,

successful leaders are coached.


What can you expect from coaching?

Your outcome from coaching depends on your goals. Generally, you may expect:

  • setting goals accordingly to your personal and organizational values, needs and wants;

  • smooth and measurable integration into the new role or organization if you are in transition;

  • expanding awareness of how others see your behavior and the impact of your actions;

  • understanding of how change of your behavior will improve your effectiveness and performance;

  • developing leadership capacity and/or individual leadership style;

  • leading with greater influence and impact;

  • reducing "the noise" in your mind;

  • improving emotional intelligence

1  Online Breakthrough Session - $300

  • One 2-hour Breakthrough Session is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Usually, my clients use this format as a post-long-term-engagement session OR

  • NBI™ Assessment and a debrief session.

Online Personal Coaching Programs*

3-Month Program​ - $1,800

  • Up to 7 one-on-one sessions (60-90 min each)

  • Email & SMS support**

  • 1 Follow-Up session

6-Month Program​​ - $3,000

  • Up to 14 one-on-one sessions (60-90 min each)

  • Email & SMS support**

  • 1 Follow-Up session

1-Year Program- $5,320

  • Up to 27 one-on-one sessions (60-90 min each)

  • Email & SMS support**

  • 1 Follow-Up session

*Ask Maria about price for in-person coaching programs, special price for "non-profit" clients, custom tailored programs, and unlimited coaching program.

Schedule a 1-hour no-obligation complimentary coaching session today and

get NBI™ Assessment and a debrief session for free with a purchase of any program.


** While we work together, I am in contact with you when you need some support and encouragement as well as help you in real-time decision making.

Corporate Executive Coaching

Corporate executive coaching engagement is usually contracted for a 6-month term. Sessions can be conducted on-site at your office in New York City or the Greater New York City Area and offered in person, on the phone, and via the video conference for remote clients.

The MDC corporate executive coaching service generally includes:

  • Aligning and contracting meetings with the client's manager to review goals, expectations, progress, and results

  • Reviewing existing assessments, feedback, and performance reviews

  • Conducting the 360 degree interviews on-site at the client's office involving the client's supervisor, peers and direct reports at the beginning of the coaching engagement

  • Thinking Preferences Assessment - Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI)

  • One-on-one coaching sessions

  • HR Meetings to review coaching goals and discuss progress and results

  • Conducting the 360 degree interviews with the same stakeholders at the end of the coaching engagement to measure performance improvement

  • Written report that reflects observations, tools, and the outcome of coaching

Change management consulting and coaching

Contact me today to discover how I can support your organization, team and employees through change.

I will: 

  • develop a unique approach, assessment and plans to suit the situation

  • coach sponsors, managers, and employees

  • provide simple explanations for different aspects of change management to educate others