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"My name is Maria Wade and I am very  glad to see you here! I am committed to my client’s higher purpose and working with people honoring their natural creativity, resourcefulness, and inner light.

As an executive coach, I combine coaching techniques with an extended experience of working as an executive leader for more than 15 years across multiple industries. I use the 3CP Columbia University’s, whole-brain thinking, and positive psychology approach in my coaching.

My clients are willing to make a difference, learn and invest in their personal development. They are people who have achieved the impossible and ready to advance to new breakthroughs maintaining their personal goals and organizational result in balance."




How can i help you?

Personal Executive Coaching

Whatever your individual reason, whatever individual goals you'd like to achieve: to improve your work-life balance, to make a smooth transition between roles or companies, to further your career, to gain a fresh perspective, to forge relationships, to understand your strengths, or clarify a current situation, we will work with you

one-on-one to make your goals come true.

Corporate Executive Coaching

Successful executive coaching positively impacts individual and organizational performance. I work with leaders through challenges they face helping them transform learning into positive change in their own and teams' performance. My clients are motivated by a sense of worth and purpose in their private and professional life. I help them work and live the whole life increasing their sense of fulfillment and organizational effectiveness.

How i work?




My coaching process is based on the Columbia University's three-phase Coaching Process Model (3CP)




I adhere to high standards of ethical conduct focusing on client's context, agenda, and interests.  




Professionalism, thoughtfulness, humor, and endless support are the base of my coaching philosophy.


Director of the Department of Otolaryngology

"When we are working with Maria, we progressively move toward to my intended goals. To my surprise and delight I found myself gaining new insights and pushing the boundaries of what I had thought possible. I've created my own value system that has formed the foundation for everything in my life. We have been working with Maria for just three months and already accomplished so much. I've completed a draft of my doctoral dissertation having previously struggled with it for five years, received a number of attractive job offers and landed my dream one, and even given up smoking!"

Christopher P. 

Non-Profit HR Executive

 "As a coach I found Maria to be incisive, challenging me in the best way to figure out what I wanted. Maria was not afraid to push me to really develop solutions for the challenges that I faced. Maria is honest and not afraid to ask tough questions – the kind that make you pause, really go deep inside, and get clarity to determine exactly what the barrier or the issue really is.

I also found my work with Maria to be intellectually demanding and stimulating. As someone who enjoys cycling and running (most of the time) I know what it feels like for my body to be physically exhausted from working hard. I would often leave my sessions with Maria feeling similar to the way I felt after a particularly intense workout, as if I’d really put my mind to work strenuously and always, always with many new thoughts and ideas for ways to solve my biggest challenges.

Alexander D.

Legal Executive

"In today's fast-paced world, it's sometimes quite difficult to respond to all its challenges without expending a great amount of time, money, physical and mental sources. Through our work with Maria, I've started achieving more complex goals in my professional and personal life with less effort. I do appreciate Maria's talent and look forward to our further partnering."

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